Sever updates

  1. Added to NPC Sarmale Epic Shop – Interlude weapons and 3 epic jewels
  2. Added to NPC Sarmale S-Grade Recipe shop with S grade 60% armor recipes
  3. Added at S-Grade recipe Material Pouch item that can be traded only for Vote reward coin “Coin of Luck”
  4. Add as vote reward Coin Of Luck from Hopzone and Network voting. *Note that topzone and rest of voting sites are not compatible to votereward. The max amount of “Coins of luck” are 2 at 12 hours for each Hopzone and Network. Don’t try to make spam votes, votes are counted in database, so every ip or accounts that spams will be banned permanently.
  5. You can find at contributor shop the new Epic and S-Grade recipe for those who wants to contribute to earn Dacia Gold.
  6. Prices at contributor shop for some items in “Other” section were lowered to 50%
  7. Second class costs 1 Adena