Read carefuly:

  1. Third party programs are not allowed!!! – BAN!
  2. Auto cp, mp, hp potion are strictly forbidden – BAN!
  3. Server is limited at 4box instances and 6 accounts for each ip – Spam accounts will be deleted along with main accounts!!!
  4. If you have dinamic ip do not use it to make vote spam !!! Your accounts will be deleted, banned
  5. Don’t ask items from GMJail
  6. Respect other players. Don’t flame, dont swear – Jail – Chat ban – Ban – Deleted account
  7. Report any problem on facebook, ingame or via email provided in contact
  8. We don’t change rates or our NPC features. IF YOU DONT LIKE IT DON PLAY HERE!
  9. You are allowed to chat in any language on global chat as long you don’t spam
  10. You are not allowed to create auxiliary clans to buy Clan Halls or to conquer multiple Castles
  11. Racism is not tolerated. Strict yourself to gameplay. You are here to have fun, not judging and insulting people. This will bring you permanent ban
  12. GM is always right. Head GM is very friendly as long you respect him
  13. GM inspects daily “Chat logs”, “Item logs” etc. so play clean and fair.
  14. Raid Bosses stats are increased because we want to encourage party raids and not 2 – 3 box single players. DON’T COMPLAIN ABOUT RAID BOSSES WE WILL NOT CHANGE THEM!!!Chat Ban
  15. Offline buff shop is available only for class “Prophet” and only some second class buffs are allowed to shop. They will be found in Info